Chiffon Dress with Flounce

Chiffon Dress with Flounce


Calf-length dress in crinkled chiffon with a printed pattern. V-neck, sewn wrapover at front, and short sleeves. Flounced seam at waist, concealed zip at one side, and asymmetrical hem. Half lined. 100% polyester. Machine wash cold.

Exercise List

Basic Info Scraping

Web scraping using XPath or CSS expression

Analyze JSON

Load JSON string and extract data

Recursively Scraping pages

Not only crawl products but also handle pagination

Mimicking Ajax requests

Inspect Ajax requests and mimic them

Inspect HTTP request

Learn to inspect the fields of HTTP request

Scraping Infinite Scrolling Pages (Ajax)

Learn to scrape infinite scrolling pages

Find gold in cookie

Make your spider can work with the cookie

Login form

Scrape data behind login form

Solve Captcha

Learn to scrape data behind a captcha

Decode minified javascript

Learn how to analyze minimized or compressed javascript