Learn Web Scraping Using Python For Free

Learn and improve web scraping skills with Web Scraping Exercises below.

Exercise #1

Basic Info Scraping

Web scraping using XPath or CSS expression

Exercise #2

Analyze JSON

Load JSON string and extract data

Exercise #3

Recursively Scraping pages

Not only crawl products but also handle pagination

Exercise #4

Mimicking Ajax requests

Inspect Ajax requests and mimic them

Exercise #5

Inspect HTTP request

Learn to inspect the fields of HTTP request

Exercise #6

Scraping Infinite Scrolling Pages (Ajax)

Learn to scrape infinite scrolling pages

Exercise #7

Find gold in cookie

Make your spider can work with the cookie

Exercise #8

Login form

Scrape data behind login form

Exercise #9

Solve Captcha

Learn to scrape data behind a captcha

Exercise #10

Decode minified javascript

Learn how to analyze minimized or compressed javascript

Web Scraping Tutorial Using Scrapy

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